Demo truck and trailer in NWH Vehicle Physics 2.

Both truck and trailer in NVP2 use the same VehicleController script. Therefore, they should both be configured as a normal vehicle. Check Quick Start Guide for more info on vehicle setup.

Click on the names of individual modules for more info.
Since the trailer does not need all the vehicle components enabled as a full vehicle it is a good idea to use a separate State Settings for the towing vehicle and the trailer. Example TrailerStateSettings are included.

  • Due to the input mirroring between the towing vehicle and the trailer it is possible to use blinkers, effects, sounds, etc. on the trailer. It is even possible to make trailer powered by enabling Powertrain in trailer's state settings.
Attaching Trailer
  • Trailer is attached by driving the vehicle so that the attachment points of both vehicles are close and pressing the TrailerAttachDetach (“T” by default) button. Trailer can not be attached or detached at speed.