Dash GUI Controller

DashGUIController inspector.

DashGUIController is a script to help with setting up vehicle dashboards or game GUI.

  • If Data Source is Vehicle Changer make sure that you have one Vehicle Changer present in the scene. Vehicle Changer as a source should be used for game GUI while Vehicle Controller should be used for in-vehicle dash GUI.
2020/04/08 12:36

Analog Gauge

AnalogGauge inspector.
Default analog gauge.

AnalogGauge is an universal analog gauge script that can be used for constructing vehicle dashboards or game UI.
It expects to have a Needle GameObject as a child object of the script.
Prefab of a pre-configured analog gauge is included with the asset.

LockAtStart and LockAtEnd can be used to peg the needle at the Start Angle or End Angle for easier configuration. Both options only work in play mode.

2020/04/08 12:36

Digital Gauge

DigitalGauge inspector with textual option selected.
DigitalGauge inspector with numerical option selected.
Simple DigitalGauge example.

DigitalGauge is used to display textual/numerical values on the vehicle dashboard or game GUI.
It requires objects Text named Title and Readout as child objects.
Line Image object is required if Show Progress Bar option is used in which case the image will be scaled to imitate the progress bar.


If Unit field is populated the unit will be displayed inside the Readout, after the value.

Textual Type

When Textual is selected as Gauge Type the provided String value will be displayed in the Readout object with no further formatting.

Numerical Type

  • A formatted value of Numerical Value field will be shown.
  • Format can be defined in the Format field as it would be used in float.ToString() function. Default is 0.00 which will display the value with two decimal points.
  • Numerical Smoothing smooths the value for easier readout.
2020/04/08 12:36

Dash Light

DashLight inspector.
Example DashLight.

A simple script that switches Color of an Image between On Color and Off Color, usually white and black.

  • Color of the Image when the light is on.
  • Color of the Image when the light is off.
  • Fade Time - time it takes for the light to turn off, once Hold Time expires. Imitates dash lights that use conventional bulbs.
  • Hold Time - time it takes for the light to start turning off after the state has changed. Useful to remove flicker from signals that are not persistent but rather change on frame-to-frame basis, e.g. ABS and TCS.
2020/04/08 12:36