Settings tab.

Settings can be accessed through Settings tab in the VehicleController inspector.

  • Validate Setup - when clicked Validate() function gets called on VehicleController and all of its VehicleComponents. If there are any issues with the vehicle setup a message will pop up in the console.
Example Validate Setup output with missing audio mixer.
Physical Properties

Physical properties section mostly relates to the vehicle Rigidbody. Rigidbody properties are set by VehicleController at start. Changing them after VehicleController has been initialized will have no effect. If you need to do that change the values of the Rigidbody directly from your script.

  • Vehicle Dimensions - dimensions of the vehicle in meters. Width x Height x Length. Has impact on aerodynamic drag calculation if Aerodynamics module is active.
  • Inertia Tensor - inertia tensor of the vehicle. Unity calculates inertia of Rigidbodies as if they are solid (i.e. have uniform density). Cars have a lot of quite heavy parts and a lot of empty space and therefore custom inertia calculation is required. Click Calculate Inertia Tensor button to automatically calculate inertia. If you want the vehicle to have more rotational inertia around any of the three rotation axes increase the value for that axis. I.e. increasing Y will make the vehicle resist steering more.
  • Center Of Mass is a point relative to the vehicle's coordinate system at which the center of mass of the Rigidbody will be. There is a gizmo of a weight at the center of mass position. Longitudinal positioning of center of mass heavily affects vehicle handling. Avoid using high centers of mass.
  • Calculate Center Of Mass will auto-center center of mass to be exactly between the wheels. This is a good starting point but does not guarantee the best weight distribution and should be manually tweaked for best results.
  • Positions determine the location of different vehicle parts. These positions are used for positioning sound sources, effects, etc.
  • Coordinates are in local space.
  • Multiplayer Instance Type determines if the current vehicle instance is Local (i.e. controlled by a local player) or Remote (i.e. controlled by another player over network).
  • Longitudinal Slip Threshold and Lateral Slip Threshold determine the amount of slip a wheel can have before it is considered to be slipping/skidding. Most sounds and effects will not trigger while the slip value is below the threshold value.
  • Use Low Speed Fix - if true drag will be added to Rigidbody when vehicle velocity is ~0 to prevent vehicle from creeping on slopes due to the nature of slip calculation.